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Hello I’m Craig Heffernan, 54 years old and reside in Erie, Pennsylvania. I have been in the construction field since I ran my paper route at age 13. I had 100-plus customers on my route, and a lot of my ideas popped up while going from house to house. One day I asked to fix a handrail that was loose for $30, and the customer said “Go for it!” I made more money in those two hours than I did delivering papers in one week! I was soon repairing everything I noticed while on my paper route. At age 14, I attended a technical school in the summer and got paid to do so (CETA program by President Ronald Reagan). I took up carpentry and learned the theories and a lot of hands-on — I loved it! I signed up again the following summer at age 15 for the same carpentry class, then went on for the next three years in 10th, 11th and 12th grades, full-time in the Carpentry program at the Erie County Vo-Tech School. I did larger jobs like a 12×16 storage shed with a hip roof and an 8×12 front porch with a roof attached to the home. This was at age 16. I went on co-op as a senior in high school working in a cabinetry shop. For the next two years after graduating Tech and High school I worked for contractors framing and trimming houses in Erie, Pa. and Syracuse, NY. And then started my own business as a general contractor.

Heffernan Construction

I own a private construction company in Erie, Pennsylvania. I specialize in everything that was built in your home including kitchens, bathrooms, interior and exterior remodeling, windows, doors, decks, cabinet making, laminate counter tops, laminate flooring, ceramic tile, plumbing, electrical, and hvac. I started this company at age 20 and continue to complete one job at a time start to finish for 30 years. i am currently booked till 2021 taking care of repeat clients and a couple outdoor recreational projects. I also anticipate to squeeze a job in here and there while fully booked.


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Rental Properties

I became a landlord a few years back when i purchased my first income property in Erie, Pennsylvania . The property i purchased was not livable and had been blighted for years. The unit was such an eyesore and infected the entire neighborhood. It took some time and money to restore it to new condition including a complete tare out of the interior, new plumbing, heating, electrical, windows, siding, kitchen, bathroom. It was very rewarding to see the change in not only my property but to see the inspiration of the entire neighborhood to spruce up there properties as well. I now have several blighted properties i am restoring to new. I feel like a super hero landlord.

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 YouTube Videos

I would never of thought i would be doing how to videos for a living, but thats were I’m going full time in 2020. I currently have a YouTube channel @ Craig Heffernan and have 30 videos on how to build decks, kitchens, bathrooms, how to install a laminate floor and more. My channel has 42 million views, 218,000 subscribers and i am a YouTube partner with my own personal agent. I purchased a building lot to construct an entire home start to finish. I will be recording video and documenting each step of the building process along the way. These series of videos will be my best, can’t wait.

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Building & Construction Videos